Thursday, 30 September 2010

An exciting weekend ahead!

This weekend marks another milestone for the London Fields Triathlon Club. We host our very own event in the form of an aquathlon on Sunday. Thank you to all those who have sacrificed taking part in the event to help run it. The weather is not looking great but battling the elements is all part of the wonderful sport of triathlon!

For those club members that are competing and put their name down for a club tri suit you are in luck! The tri suits arrived today and we will be giving them out on Saturday morning. Our club captain Guy has done a fantastic job designing the tri suits and liaising with Spiuk to have them made just the way we wanted them. Nice work Guy!

The swim session this Saturday will see us focusing on technique rather than fitness so that there will be no problem with you doubling up training on Saturday and racing Sunday. Remember your pull buoys, fins and if you have them paddles.

Keeping in short and sweet this week. See you Saturday. Might even wear my new tri suit poolside! Tim (LFTC Coach)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

What's happening this Saturday?

Only a few weeks out from the club's first event we thought we should put you through your paces! We will be timing you over 400m and 200m. These times will provide a bench mark from which we can measure improvement and we will also use the times to determine your Critical Swim Speed (CSS) which we will use in future sessions to increase your speed endurance. Don't be afraid because it doesn't matter one bit how long you take but it will allow you to see how much you improve over the winter by getting out of bed and braving the cold to join us for a swim on Saturday morning!

We will be mixing in some drills so please bring your a pull buoy if you have one. No need for fins this week but if we have a little extra time at the end of the session you might like to use them to practise some of the drills we have introduced you to earlier in the year. We will be practising the Scull #1 drill. It is a great drill to help develop that all important effective catch. Some of you have found this drill a little difficult. A common problem is 'dropping of the wrists'. Watch this video of Paul from Swim Smooth performing the drill correctly and then incorrectly with dropped wrists. See how much propulsion he can get (note he is not kicking) with just the small sculling action of the arms and hands. Look what happens when he drops his wrists... he goes backwards!

See you Saturday at seven. Tim (LFTC Coach)

All new Wednesday Intro To Tri swim sessions

After much blood, sweat and tears, the club has managed to organise a weekly Wednesday swim session aimed at newcomers to triathlon. The aim of the session is to develop swimming technique and fitness for those whoa are new to triathlon and/or who may be lacking confidence and experience in the water. I must emphasise that the Wednesday session has a much different aim to the Saturday morning session: if you have previously turned up on a Saturday morning, only to be put off by the standard of swimming, then this session could be for you!

The first session is on Wednesday September 29th (next week) and starts at 7.30pm. The cost is £6 and the venue is the Kingshall Pool in Clapton ( If you are interested in attending, please let us know by emailing

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

North Norfolk Triathlon - Race weekend review

It was a weekend of firsts for the club (and a few thirds but more on that later). It was the club's first organised trip away to race. Fourteen club members made the trip North to Wells-Next-the-Sea. Many of the triathletes that came away were competing in either their first triathlon ever or their first Olympic distance triathlon. It was the first year of the inter-club challenge between North Norfolk Triathlon Club and London Fields Triathlon Club. However the trip was not without incident!

Everyone arrived safely in Wells and once checked into the luxurious beige accommodation i.e. caravan park, we headed off for a lap of the bike course. The bike course really is quite spectacular. The highlight being the section that takes you into the beautiful Holkham Estate passing the impressive obelisk and then turning in front of the very grand looking Holkham Hall to then leave the estate via a short climb and continue the bike course.

We opted to eat out Saturday evening. I set a fine example of what to eat and drink the night before a race opting for the haddock gouchons with chips i.e. gourmet fish and chips, with a glass of red wine and them promptly finished off Russell's dinner with Herfried's help. It was then back to the beige caravan for some preparation of race kit for the morning's big race.

The race started at 9.45am. The idea being that on the swim by the time we turned the far turning buoy the tide would be slack. North Norfolk has some of the biggest tides in the UK. The outward swim leg was soooo fast with the tide assisting us towards the turning buoy. I saw one competitor get a little carried away, forgetting to sight and swimming straight into a moored boat! After turning the far turning buoy the tide was anything but slack. It was more like swimming in an endless pool that someone had cranked up to full throttle for a laugh! I am pleased to say none of our triathletes panicked and everyone made it back to transition safely. Lindsey had one of the fastest swim times of any female in the field.

I emerged from the water with bloodied hands. I'm still not sure exactly how that happened. I think almost all of us, due to the fact we were running at such great speed I'm sure, slipped on the timing mat. Herfried Waha hit the the deck with a thud that made the crown gasp in horror. Thankfully, he got straight up unfazed by the mishap and carried on.

I am quite sure everyone loved the bike course. It is hard not to in such an amazing setting. Guy, Club Captain, smoked it and had the fastest time of the day from the club. Jeremy I am sure had the fastest time of anyone in the field on a hybrid. Rob Boulding was also flying but he took a tumble at the turn around point in front of Holkham Hall cutting up his hands and grazing his right shoulder and arm. He soldiered on. Krystal was charging on her mountain bike too.

The run is an out and back course on the North Norfolk Coastal Path. It is fast and flat with the majority of it being off-road. Amanda, who was the runner in the team made up of Seb (swim) and Sarah (bike), was flying. She posted a 40min 40s 10km split and apologised as she passed the lead female explaining that she was in a relay team and not taking over the lead. Everyone did a great job on the run and after crossing the line stayed around the finishing area to clap and cheer as the rest of our club members finished.

So congratulations to everyone that took part especially those completing their first triathlon or first Olympic distance triathlon. You will certainly find easier races so you can be very proud of your achievements. London Fields Triathlon Club won the inter-club challenge. We now have a very impressive looking shield at least until next year. Guy Holbrow was third in the veteran men's category. I was third in the senior men's category.

The day concluded with a much deserved feed of fish and chips on the quay overlooking the historic Wells Harbour. A great weekend. Thank you to all those who took part and helped with transport and buying food etc. Hopefully many more of you will come along next year to defend the shield!

Tim (LFTC Coach)

Monday, 6 September 2010


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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Quick transitions

It is relatively easy to take time out of your competitors and off your PB by practising your transition from swim to bike (T1) and bike to run (T2). To take the same amount of time out of your swim, bike or run is much more difficult...but still worth aiming for! Coaches love the saying "perfect practice makes perfect". When it comes to making your transitions faster it is absolutely true. Here are some tips that I hope you find useful.

Before the race:
1. Look for landmarks in transition that will help you find your place in transition.
2. Walk through transition noting bike exit and entry points and the run exit.
3. Set up your transition area placing your equipment out in a familiar pattern.
4. Put your number on (pinned or on a race belt) under your wetsuit.
5. Place nutrition for the bike (if it is sealed) in the pockets of your tri suit under your wetsuit.
6. Use Body Glide or similar on areas where your wetsuit tends to get stuck when pulling it off.
7. Have your bike in an appropriate gear.
8. Attach your shoes to your pedals (if using clipless pedals) and have rubber bands holding them in the right position i.e. horizontal with cranks also horizontal.
9. Use elastic laces in your running shoes.
10. Use talc in your shoes for ease of foot entry. Some people also use Vaseline around the heel.

Transition One
1. You can open the neck of your wetsuit to allow water to flush through as you exit the swim.
2. Open the velcro neck tab of your wetsuit with your left hand.
3. Pull down the zip with your right hand.
4. Pull the right shoulder down with your left hand and remove your arm.
5. Pull the left shoulder off with your right hand and remove your arm.
6. Remove goggles and cap (some people prefer to do this earlier and leave the goggles and cap in the arm of their wetsuit)
7. When you reach your transition area pull the wetsuit down as far as possible i.e. to the ankles, and kick you feet out.
8. Fasten bike helmet. You must do this before moving your bike to avoid a penalty.
9. Remove bike from transition and run to 'mount line'. If you mount your bike before the line you will be penalised.
10. Mount your bike and place your feet in your shoes once you have some momentum and flat ground (if shoes are already attached to bike).

Transition Two
1. Remove your feet from your shoes while still on the bike as you near transition.
2. Dismount just before the dismount line. If you dismount your bike after the line you will be penalised.
3. Rack your bike in transition. You must do this before moving your removing your helmet to avoid a penalty.
4. Pull on your running shoes.
5. Remove your helmet.
6. Grab extra nutrition if you are taking it.
7. Leave transition turning your race belt around as you leave, putting nutrition into pockets if you want to and pulling on a hat if you choose to run with one.

Sound easy? Give it some practice and see how fast you can get moving from one discipline to the next. Let's see if we can have the quickest transitions at the North Norfolk Triathlon!

See you bright and early Saturday. Bring your wetsuit if you want some time in the water wearing it and don't forget those fins and pull buoys! Tim (LFTC Coach)