RACES 2012

In 2012 we plan to enter these races...

We will create events on our Facebook page for each of these.

Date Event Location
10/03/12 Dambuster Duathlon
25/03/12 Brentwood Half marathon Brentwood Club champs
09/04/12 Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon Thames Turbo Triathlon Club LL
14/04/12 Ful-On Duathlon Ful-On Tri Club LL
29/04/12 Dragon Slayer Duathlon East London Triathletes LL
13/05/12 Kingfisher Aquathlon Kingfisher Triathletes LL
27/05/12 Big Cow Sprint Bucks GB
24/06/12 British Olympic dist qualifiers Shropshire GB
08/07/12 Cowman Middle Dist Bucks GB
15/07/12 Hatch End Harrow Sprint Triathlon Jetstream Tri Club LL
21/07/12 Crystal Palace Sprint Triathlon Crystal Palace Triathletes LL
12/07/12 Hillingdon Sprint Triathlon Hillingdon Triathletes LL
02/08/12 Clash of the Tritons Aquathlon Greenwich Tritons Triathlon Club LL
Sept 2012 tbc North Norfolk Wells Next the sea Club champs
28/10/12 Jekyll & Hyde Park Duathlon Serpentine LL   
We will also have some kind of presence at races like the London Triathlon, and will be a part of Hackney Quest's Hackney 2012 event on Well Street Common in August.