Monday, 11 January 2010

Sample Swim Session 2

Here is the session put together for Sunday January 10. It was a bit of a monster session with a few of you completing the whole thing and most of you doing very well to get through the majority of it. My description might differ slightly from what you did on the day. That is because the session was modified on the spot to suit the needs of the group.

Warm up
  • 4x100m 100m FC, 100m kick on front, 100m FC, 100m catch up. Rest 10sec between each 100m. RPE 11-12.

Main set

  • 5x100m FC, RPE 13, rest 20sec between each 100m.
  • 5x150m FC, RPE 15, rest 30sec between each 150m.
  • 5x200m FC, RPE 13, rest 45sec between each 200m.

Cool down

  • 100m alternating 6 strokes FC with 6 strokes BaS, RPE 11-12, rest 20sec.
  • 100m FC, RPE 11-12, rest 20sec.
  • 100m alternating 3 strokes single arm FC with 3 strokes FC, RPE 11-12, rest 20sec.
  • 100m FC, RPE 11-12, rest 20sec.

Abbreviations: BaS = Backstroke. The other abbreviations you have come across in previous blogs.

You can modify this session to suit your own level of fitness. For example, you could just complete the 5x100m, or the 5x150m, or the 5x200m as your main set. You could also combine the 5x100m with the 5x150m or the 5x100m with the 5x200m to make a tougher main set. Changing the sequence of the main set is another option. For example, performing the set in reverse. Each change will give your body a slightly different physiological challenge. Try this in your own swim sessions to keep your workouts interesting.

Leave a comment to let us know what you thought of the session. Happy training! Tim (LFTC Coach)