Saturday, 9 January 2010

Swim Tips 1

This week in our first swim session we will introduce 'sculling drills'. Sculling drills are an excellent way to develop a feel for the water. By that I mean rather than dragging ourselves through the water with maximum effort and minimal efficiency we will develop the ability to 'catch and pull' through the water with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Sculling drills are also a great way to warm up your shoulders and arms in preparation for your main set. A thorough warm up structured into your swim session is a habit you should get into. It can help you avoid injuries associated with swimming. It is no great suprise I am sure that the most common site of injury in swimmers is the shoulder. If you would like to see sculling drills in action take a look at the link below produced by Swim for Tri. See you at the Lido! Tim (LFTC Coach)